Washington’s Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas offer some of the most beautiful places for weddings, meetings, recreational outings and special events. But getting guests’ vehicles across Puget Sound on the ferry can be an unnecessary and expensive burden! Instead of paying to bring all those cars across, invite your guests to WALK ON THE FERRY. We’ll meet them at the ferry landing and shuttle them to your event with our comfortable, economical fleet of mini-buses.



Our air-conditioned fleet is maneuverable enough to reach even the most remote venue, letting your guests arrive relaxed and ready for whatever special plans you’ve made. We can pick up at the ferry dock, from convenient nearby park-and-ride sites, saving on-site parking for those who really need it, or from anywhere in Washington State, providing seamless transportation from any central point, right to your selected venue.


Call us at: (360) 981-2022 or Toll Free (877) 981-2022